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The Power of Gratitude

The holidays are upon us.  There is a special energy in the atmosphere from Halloween to New Years, and somewhere between carving pumpkins to popping champagne corks, there is something wonderful in the air.

This week is a great time to think about gratitude and the powerful nature of giving thanks.  So in that spirit I wanted to send out a little recognition into the atmosphere and hope that it grows.

I would like to thank:

American Airlines at the Orlando International Airport:  Thank you for suggesting I could check my bag all the way home when I was connecting through another city for a few hours for a meeting.  It saved me from having to lug my bag all around Philadelphia.  I fly about 60 times a year and those little things make a difference.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cast Members:  Thanks for coming over to take my photo when you saw me struggling for that selfie with the Christmas tree last week.  I had just popped over to see the decorations and was glad to get that photo of all the holiday magic.

The Chick-fil-a in Perrysburg, OH:  Thanks for letting me keep the extra burrito I mis-ordered in the drive through when clearly it was my fault and really should have paid for it.

And finally,

The Front Desk Team at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas:  Thank you for getting my suit pressed and back to me in time for my big presentation.  Then as a way of saying thanks for my loyalty, they didn’t even charge me.  This is why I am loyal to the Hilton label (that and the cookies at the Doubletree).

This is all by way of saying that brands that cover their basics and then find small ways to surprise and delight will find themselves with loyal guests.

So take a little time to show gratitude this week – to all those who you serve, lead, depend upon, and care about.

Family:  Start by thanking them for supporting you each day.  They likely put up with late nights, your constant dreaming, and your drive for excellence.Team:  They are the ones who bring your vision to life and take care of your guests.  Be amazing to them.

Guests:  Remember that they are the center.  Thank them every chance you get and let them know they are appreciated.

Friends:  Without a foundation of relationships you can’t be successful.  It takes those who know you and will be honest with you when you need an opinion.

Colleagues:  Be sure those you work with know that your professional relationships matter (and not just when you need something).

Mentors:  Let those who have helped in your development know how important they are to you.  Without them you couldn’t have developed into the leader you have become.  Also if you mentor others, be sure they know they matter as well.

So as you enjoy your time with family and friends this weekend, remember the spirit of gratitude.  Reach out to those you appreciate and depend upon and let them know that you are grateful for them.

Then channel that spirit into your daily work and service when you get back into the swing of business following the holiday.  Use it to ignite your daily passion for excellence and success well into the new year.

Because together we serve.


Tony Johnson, CCXP Customer Service Leader | Author | Speaker

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