Fueled by a passion for people and inspired by decades of delivering world class experiences, we bring a practical approach to creating excellence through training.


Our Philosophy of Service and Training

We have been there - We Understand What it Means to Lead in a Competitive Landscape

  • We have decades of experience in retail, healthcare, sports and event services, restaurants, contracted service, and human resources

  • He have led every level of organizations - from small teams of a dozen to Fortune 200 companies - and everything in between

  • The philosophies, tactics, and strategies we share have gotten results - double digit growth in customer satisfaction, safety, sales growth, and profitability

  • We bring all this to life in an engaging way that uses story telling to craft a compelling vision for success

Ignite Your Service Team Training

TEam Training

Your choice of 1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour team training.

Your team will learn the following in this energetic and interactive service presentation.

  • Learn the steps of great service using our GUEST Model

  • The 7 Guest Commitments help keep your team focused on the Customer

  • Correcting Guest issues using service recovery protects the experience

  • Empathetic and situational service ensures authentic moments

  • Making positive connections through words and body language will build loyalty

  • Your team will learn why execution and performance matters to success

Ignite Your service leadership Training

leadership training

Your choice of 2 hour, 5 hour, or full day Leader training.

We share real life experiences and strategies to help your leaders drive results.

  • Prioritizing the team experience

  • Using selection to drive culture

  • The importance of on-boarding and training

  • Creating a sustainable model for service and guest experience

  • Team engagement

  • Performance management

  • Moving from strategy to action


keynote speeches 

Keynote speeches

30 Minutes, 45 Minute or one hour keynote presentations.

A blend of strategy, motivation, and common sense leadership drive this talk.


  • Creating a Customer for Life

  • The Future of Customer Service

  • Leading a Service Culture

  • Why Service Matters

  • Customer service and technology




Patient Experience

Your choice of 1 hour, 2 hour, or 5 hour training.

We discuss the foundation of the patient experience for all parts of the organization.

  • Why patients are guests, too

  • Learn the steps of great service using our GUEST Model Patients

  • These 7 Guest Commitments help keep your team focused on the Customer

  • Correcting Guest issues using service recovery

  • Empathetic service and using all your senses to serve

  • Why selection and training drive measurable outcomes

  • How all caregivers fit together - physicians, nurses, food, transport, environmental services , admissions, and valet - to deliver healing experiences


We Work with Large and Small Businesses


Healthcare and Patient Experience

Restaurants and Food Service

Retail and Grocery Stores

Sports Arenas and Venues



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