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Great Customer Service = Sales Growth

Invest in yourself today!

The Six Canons of Customer Service

With Tony Johnson

USD $50.00       USD $35.00

Instructor:  Tony Johnson
Length:  20 minutes
Skills:   Leadership, Customer Service, Hospitality 
Tony Johnson has spent decades building world-class service organizations and helping businesses of all sizes improve their customer service, employee engagement, and sales growth.
  • Happy customers spend 17% more
  • It is 5X cheaper to keep customers than find new ones
  • Loyal customers will recommend you to others

"Through podcasts, training and face-to-face interactions, they will help you get back to basics with learning what matters most to your customers in a straightforward and insightful way. I highly recommend his 6 Canons of Customer Service."​

- David Thornton, Owner, A Better Choice Network Solutions

"I had the privilege of partnering with Tony as our organization was transforming our service model and culture."

- Bryan Odey, Aramark

"Tony's tools help me set benchmarks for everyday customer service and establish a successful action plan for my customers."

- Shaun Slade, Owner, Lakeland Aircraft

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