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Passion for Service: 10 Weeks. 10 Businesses. 10 Strategies

When it comes to Customer service, there is much that every business has in common.  Let’s face it, there are certain dos and don’ts that every organization – regardless of type – has to be mindful of if they are going to be successful.

But, along with the similarities, come a plethora of differences.  There are nuances that set every type of business apart, and to ignore them is to invite a one-size-fits-all approach to serving Guests that is simply unsustainable.

In this 10 part series, we will delve deeply into 10 unique types of businesses and discuss what each can do to really woo their Customers.  Because each of these 10 service channels have Guests with unique needs and expectations that must be met.

From restaurants and healthcare that value sanitation at a very high level to airlines and hotels where punctuality and safety top the list, we will explore the secrets of delivering service at a very high level.

Here are the 10 business types that we will explore together on this journey:

  1. Higher Education

  2. Restaurants

  3. Grocery Stores

  4. Home improvement Stores

  5. Department Stores

  6. Airlines

  7. Hotels

  8. Theme Parks and Resorts

  9. Healthcare

  10. Sports Venues

I firmly believe that Customer service is a contact sport, and with that in mind we won’t be pulling any punches.  We will discuss openly the issues facing each business type and challenge the preconceptions of their core models of service.  Nothing will be off limits, and if I have done my job, I will help you see opportunities for improvement in your organization.

It is easy for our surroundings to become too comfortable for us and sometimes a set of fresh eyes can shake us out of our routine.  Often it only takes a different perspective or someone willing to challenge the norm to help us see a better way forward.

And we will find that better way together.

I will begin this week with Higher Education.  That seems fitting since most of our colleges and universities will be welcoming their students back this week.  What a great time to discuss how this important endeavor can really start to deliver results that can ripple through the generations.  Let’s face it, the future leaders of our world are starting their journey this week, and that is a big charge for those they are entrusting with their education.

I look forward to our 10 week exploration of fantastic Customer service.  Remember, every business has something from which we can learn and there are few organizations without room for improvement.

And at the end of this journey, we will all have found many more ways to embrace Guests as cherished friends.


Tony Johnson Customer Service Expert | Author | Trainer | Keynote Speaker

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