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Make Customer Service Your Super Power

The best part about serving Guests is the ability to start new every day.  In most businesses we are only as good as the last Guest we served.

Each day we have the ability to be game changers.  In a fundamental way, every time we have the pleasure of serving a Customer we can improve their day.

Super hero blockbuster movies are dominating Hollywood these days.  Super heroes in comic books and films can fly, sling webs, fight crime, and shape shift.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t do any of those things.  But we can all hone a powerful ability that can make us very successful.

We can make Customer Service our Super Power.  Here’s how:

Embrace your role as a game changer.  Too often those who work in Customer facing roles don’t believe that they have the significance that they actually do.  I have spent a lot of my career working in the retail and restaurant segments, and I have served meals to those who have just lost their jobs, found out loved ones were sick, and recently divorced.  I can tell you that I believe to this day that I left those folks in a better place than I found them.  I’m not naive enough to think that a slice of pie can fix everything, but I believe that we interact with folks every day who need a sincere smile and a kind word.  When you embrace the responsibility of changing someone’s day for the better and make the effort, you’ll have more impact than you can imagine.  Even though many transactions only take a few minutes, they can absolutely change someone’s day for the better.

Understand that your internal Customers depend upon you as well.  The idea of servant leadership is bandied about like a badge of honor with today’s leaders.  This is a great way to grow loyalty with our teams and inspire them to deliver the very best in Customer service.  However, many claim to be leaders who put their teams first, but don’t follow through.  To really embrace this concept you have to truly lift your team up and treat them as you would your Customers.  This means many things, but foremost is to be sure that they have the tools they need.  There is nothing more demotivating to a team trying to deliver great service than a lack of product, tools, training, or recognition.

When asked, a majority of those in today’s work force will say the following: -I am not recognized for my good work -I am not developed to be more successful -I am not communicated with effectively

Just because these themes are common, doesn’t mean that they can be ignored.  Those leaders who find the best success with their Customer service never lose sight of the fact that their teams are extremely reflective in nature.  The way teams are treated is how they will treat their Guests each day.

Embrace a true spirit of caring.  This one you have to feel.  There is power at putting your Guests at the center of your world and working to anticipate their needs.  This can lead to fantastic service outcomes and loyal, repeat Customers.  The good news is that if you come from a sincere place of wanting to give your Guests the best service and meet their expectations, your Customers will appreciate the effort.  The fact is that apathy runs rampant in the service marketplace these days, and that means those who make legitimate efforts can win the day.  Customers feel this every day as they compete for attention in businesses that allow Front Line Associates to use cell phones, talk to each other, or push them to do multiple “busy work” tasks in lieu of actually serving people.  Push every day to out hustle, out care, and out serve your competition.

Take that service attitude home.  Most times those in leadership and service positions can find that they “leave it all on the field.”  Take it from me, that is a surefire way to find trouble on the home front.  If you love your Guests and give them your very best, you may find yourself running on fumes by the time you get home.  Now that isn’t to say that you should skimp on the attention you give your Guests, but you have to leave something in the tank for those at home.  You have to find a balance between serving Customers, your employees, your bosses, and those you care about outside of work.  It isn’t easy, but it can be done.  It could mean making sure you leave early every once in a while, declare no work weekends, or leave a little time for yourself to recharge.  For me, I have always used the drive home.  The drive home is my time to listen to whatever music, book, or silly comedy I fancy to help me transition from work to home.  The trick is to find your own ritual that allows you to serve your family with even more care than you served your Guests.

So remember, stay clear of your personal kryptonite (or whatever keeps you from giving your best each day), and treat each of your Guests like cherished friends.


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