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Enthusiastic Gratitude: 4 CX Lessons for Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Many will write blogs this week and ask you to give thanks.

Many will tie that vaguely back to their business purpose or idea and top it with a nostalgic Thanksgiving photo.

For those seeking to make a difference in the lives of their customers and teams, this week's topic should be of particular interest.

This is one of those week's where I'm going to put you to work - the most impactful items typically aren't that complex, but do require a large dose of stick-to-it-iveness to drive sustainable results.

So I encourage you to take the spirit of this week and use it as rocket fuel to take action. I lead people, serve customers, and I am always looking for an edge when it comes to building loyalty and enthusiasm with brands.

This week there are 4 key items that will help you drive success with the channels that drive success: Your Customers, Your Team, and Your Organization.

  • Put Your Customer Survey Data to Work There is no better way to show you care about someone than to listen and improve because of their input. It shows you pay attention and that you value what they have to say. This is as true with your customers as it is with your family. Customers are becoming less and less likely to fill out surveys and participate in focus group, but when they do fight through survey fatigue to help you out, you must take action. You have to move beyond being great at collecting data to become great at putting it to work. That means sharing it generously throughout your organization right down to your front line teams. When you engage every team member with your current results against your goals - and then encourage them to be a part of the solution - you will be more agile and responsive.


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  • Take a Listening Tour of Your Organization Your team members are a valuable source of learning and the face of your organization. Your customers have more contact with your front line teams than with anyone else in your business, so keeping them engaged and enabled is a key way to propel your customer experience. This means that you must take the time to get out and speak with your teams on a regular basis. Many call these town halls or listening tours, but the goal is the same. You take the time to meet with your team individually or in small groups to hear their ideas. You will gain unique insights into hassles or inconveniences that are frustrating your teams and find solutions for issues your customers may be experiencing. Do this once a month and log everything you hear. Sort the ideas into short, medium, and long term tasks. From there you must connect future changes and resources back to the ideas you heard from you team - because if you don't, you'll find they are less likely to share ideas in the future.

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work -SalesForce
  • Implement a Peer Recognition Program Recognition and encouragement still remain blind spots for many organizations. If you are still seeing it as a box to check or a goal to hit each month it's time to dig a little deeper. You want your team to feel great about the work they do and you want to celebrate the most impactul behaviors so that they are more likely to repeat them. It takes an entire team to implement a true culture of appreciation and that means getting everyone involved. Peer-to-peer recognition is seen by team members as very pure - meaning that there are no ulterior motives or politics in play. So first, begin by encouraging your team to show gratitude to one another at team meetings, via email, or through a formal thank you card program. If you have a recognition program in place, then include everyone in the fun, not just leaders. You'll find it is a true morale booster.

  • Ensure Organizational Alignment with Your Customers What are your customers' goals? What are their dreams? What are their wins? if you don't know this, you are going to have a hell of a time helping them achieve anything of value. Knowing that you want to sell them a product isn't enough. Knowing that you have to deliver a service by next Thursday is just a task. Telling your team that they should put "customers first" is a great bumper sticker, but not particularly connective. Talk to the people on the other side of your product and seek to understand how they are using your product and what that means to their lives. Dig for the emotional stuff here that helps you understand how you can make your consumer's lives easier, happier, or more fulfilling. Once you connect your team to your product to the end goal of your customers, you'll find that the purpose of your organization becomes clear. The final step is to share this with enthusiasm and imagination throughout your business to drive understanding and pride.

These four elements will keep a sharp focus on the core behaviors that can drive real success throughout your business. It begins with your team then carries through to connecting to your customers to their goals and dreams.

What if today we were grateful for everything? -Charlie Brown

Take some time this week to connect with your team and your guests - but also carve out some significant time for your loved ones. You need them and they need you - and you'll be a much better leader when you are well fed, well loved, and well rested.


* Written by a real human, not A.I.


Tony is an award winning speaker and author on the topics of sales growth, customer experience, and leadership. Tony speaks to thousands annually and has been featured on ABC News and Fox News. He is available for business planning, motivational keynotes, leadership workshops, and employee service skills training.

Tony is the founder of Ignite Your Service and the Chief Experience Officer for 4xi Global Consulting.

Tony is available to help with your Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Strategies, inspirational keynote talks, team training and development, and executive leadership coaching.


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