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Updated: Jul 1, 2019


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In today's marketplace it's easy to get fixated on the products we produce, the processes that produce them, and the results they deliver.

The one thing that we would all do well to remember is that, for the most part, everything comes back to people.

The people we lead.

The people we work with.

The people we serve.

Start by finding a good fit for your team

Think about each member of your team and how they fit into the organization. If you truly selected great talent to join your family, it then becomes about making sure they are in the right jobs. Great leaders have a knack for determining where each person in the organization will do their best work but also letting folks find their own path that feels right for them. This balancing act, when done correctly, leads to a high performing team that gives maximum discretionary effort. This doesn't happen in a vacuum or by guessing - it happens when leaders are connected to their teams, listen to them, and value diversity of skill, thought, and background.

Take care of those around you.

Many talk about being a great servant leader and also about taking great care of guests - but it is equally important to be a valuable colleague. Are you just getting along or coexisting with your peers or are you showing them appreciation and deepening your relationships? It becomes very easy to fall into working within a silo and not taking the time to branch out to get to know those who work in other areas. Think about the power and agility that comes when you are more connected to those outside your normal work flow and the power that brings to getting things done.

Focus on guest experiences

Keep your guests at the center of your thinking and look for ways to enhance their overall experience. This means looking at things consistently from their point of view and recognizing that great service isn't enough. Guests are looking for that intersection of ease, quality, and service - all of which adds up to the experiences you are seeking to provide. The miscue that most organizations make is to make changes to policy, process, or product that has benefit to the business without weighing the impact on those they serve. It sounds like such a basic concept but if you think of all the arduous or even downright ridiculous policies businesses have out there, it is clear that they are intended to benefit the organization rather than the customer. Case in point, think about the $200 change fee for tickets that most airlines have as a standard policy. Does this really make sense to any traveler? Absolutely not, but it is definitely a benefit to the airlines. That is the kind of thinking you must guard against.

So keep in mind the power of people. This will ground you in the spirit of service and appreciation each day - and that is a powerful catalyst to growing a culture.

Thanks for keeping your guests top of mind and center stage.


Tony Johnson, CCXP Customer Service Leader | Author | Speaker

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