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Stop Making Customer Service So Complicated

Customer services doesn’t have to be complicated.

I have worked with many organizations over the years, and one thing I have noticed is that struggling businesses tend to over complicate things.  Whether it is their brand proposition, their hiring process, or how they serve their Guests, often the most successful businesses keep it simple.

That doesn’t necessarily mean easy, but the first step to executing upon any mission is to understand it and communicate it thoroughly.  And let’s face it, a simple message is much easier to execute upon than one with 873 steps.

So what does this have to do with anything?  Well, it’s simple – keep things straightforward when it comes to Customer service and you’ll find that your team will thrive.

Here are 10 quick moves to deliver the best possible Customer service.

  1. Smile

  2. Thank folks for their business

  3. Greet Customers quickly when they arrive in your area

  4. Keep an eye out for Guests who need assistance

  5. Open doors for Customers

  6. Use suggestive selling to be sure that Customers have what they need

  7. Keep your business clean

  8. Introduce yourself to Guests and be sure to wear a name badge

  9. Make sure to use great body language.  No slouching; no leaning; no arm crossing; no cell phones

  10. Exude a positive and friendly attitude

The reason that simplicity rules when it comes to Customer service is simple:  It makes it easy to keep the focus on what matters most.

When you keep your vision of Customer service simple – and focused on delighting Guests at every turn – it is easier to get everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.  And we all must pull in the direction of treating Guests as cherished friends.


Tony Johnson Customer Service Expert | Author | Trainer | Speaker

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