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Thanks for your interest in joining the Customer Experience and

Employee Experience conversation.


The CUSTOMER SERVICE ACADEMY podcast is focused on customer experience, leadership development, and business growth.  We are looking for guests who have expertise in marketing, team development, business execution, employee engagement or Customer Experience design.  

Tony will help you tell your story, connect to the community, and give value to our listeners in every episode.

We all serve customers and clients in one way or another, so let' talk about how to grow business through service.

Great topics for conversation:

  • Customer Experience

  • Guest Satisfaction and Innovation

  • Employee Engagement

  • Training and Development

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Leading Teams

  • Employee Development

  • Consumer Understanding

  • Business Growth

Tony has a set of questions that every guest answers - your unique point of view will add to the collective conversation.  Our goal is keep the podcast under 30 minutes in total.

5 & 5 Questions:


  • 5 Questions   


  1. What does great customer service mean to you?

  2. What makes a great leader?

  3. Custom question you submit

  4. Custom question you submit

  5. Custom question you submit


  • Lightening Round:  5 quick thoughts


  1. Favorite hobby

  2. What brand out there gives the best customer service right now?

  3. Favorite food

  4. Most interesting job you’ve ever had

  5. What are you binge-watching right now?

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